Anne Foster

Anne Foster

Psychotherapist and Counsellor

MA, Member FPC, Member UKPC, Member BPC


It is not surprising that stressful workplaces and personal relationships sometimes lead people to feel depressed or anxious or to experience a loss of their capacity for enjoyment, for accomplishment and for attachment. Individual therapy offers time and a space to reflect upon what is causing you to feel pain.


In time limited brief therapy (6-20 sessions) and open ended face to face therapy, we explore these feelings and their causes, looking for a way to understand them and to work through them. Sometimes sessions may be held by Skype or on the telephone.


Anne Foster is a psychodynamic psychotherapist. She is member of FPC, UKCP and BPC and teaches at WPF. Her dissertation explored our understanding of depression from psychoanalytic, biological and social points of view. Prior to qualification she spent many years at senior levels of multinational corporations.


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