Individual Psychodynamic Counselling


There may be times when you find a need to talk to someone other than friends or family. Counselling provides a safe and confidential place in which thoughts and feelings can be explored. The counselling relationship is different from social relationship in that it is limited to the counselling session. It is about exploring feelings, becoming more aware of issues affecting one's life and enabling a person to make changes in his or her life, which wil be beneficial.



Why choose Psychodynamic Counselling?


In order to make a change, one needs to have a clearer understanding of what caused a particular problem in the first place. A painful situation in the present may have its roots in the past, although the individual may not be aware of the connection. Psychodynamic counselling assists a person to uncover these hidden links and allows the individual greater freedom of thoughts and action. It also includes an understanding of the network of relationships that develop during growth into adulthood. A Psychodynamic counsellor does not give advice, instead helps the client to arrive at his or her own solution through deeper insight into the issues brought into the session.

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